We organise a range of tailored projects and activities:

Sohbet Sohbet Society takes its name from one of its most widespread activities. Sohbet is a Turkish word derived from Arabic (suhba, which means to befriend) and means ‘to talk, converse, discuss and engage with one another in a friendly, caring, warm and informal manner’. For us, sohbet means to converse with one another in the form of a religious circle or study group on the big questions of God, purpose, faith, religion and society. Our sohbets or circles comprise between five to ten participants with one facilitator. The facilitator will usually convene the group once a week for a two-hour session where a short text is read (usually an excerpt from the Qur’an or a religious commentary) which is then elaborated on by the facilitator and discussed by the group. The aim of the circles is to reinvigorate faith through discussion and to provide a safe space to critique, reflect, and discuss.

Mentoring We provide one-to-one religious mentoring to adult Muslims on the requirements of religious and spiritual life. The mentoring is done through visits.

⚑ Also referred to as ‘rehberlik’ in Hizmet

Retreats We organise a number of retreats throughout the year focused on reading, prayer and spiritual communal activities and discussions. In the UK these retreats usually last between three and five days and take place at rural country homes. In spite of the name, they are not usually carried out under canvas.

⚑ Also referred to as ‘kamp’ in Hizmet

Excursions We believe in the importance and value of outdoor excursions and trips. A trip away, however short, allows us time to think, reflect, and renew, especially if it is organised with this aim in mind. We therefore organise a number of short excursions throughout the year.

Also referred to as ‘gezi’ in Hizmet

Qur’an lessons Undoubtedly, the main focus of our circles and all other activities is on learning the meaning of the Qur’an. In addition to understanding and living its meaning, learning how to read the Qur’an in its original Arabic is vital for spiritual gain and prescribed prayer. Therefore, we run classes and one-to-one lessons in Qur’an reading for adults.

Social events Religion is as much social as it is personal. Faith can and should bring satisfaction, especially in the social and familial context. At the Sohbet Society, we believe that our religion requires social engagement. As a result, we organise medium- to large-scale social events to bring people together to explore and experience religion in the public space through public conferences, celebrations, and summer fairs.

Fundraising We organise an annual fundraising dinner where we ask our beneficiaries to consider supporting the work that we do by making an annual donation payable over monthly or quarterly instalments.

⚑ Also referred to as ‘himmet’ in Hizmet.