Our sohbets are categorised by age, gender, profession, level and language.    





We have sohbets for adults and teenagers. Sohbets for teenagers are for ages between 14 and 18. The content and format is tailored to their needs and is more interactive.



We have sohbets for women and men separately. We are developing a sohbet where married couples can attend together.



We have sohbets for people of different professions and vocations, for example, for professionals, businesspeople, and students. Sohbets for professionals may be further subdivided, for example, into sohbets for teachers or academics or medical staff. This helps to build strong social relationships because of common interests.   However, while these categorisations exist to better hone the sohbet content and style, participants are welcome to attend sohbets with people of other professions.

Level All of our sohbets are pitched at the level of participants. We have advanced level sohbets for more studious participants.



We currently provide sohbets in Turkish and English.