Virtual Retreat: The Rays of Nursi

Date: January 22, 2023

Date: January 22, 2023

Sohbet Society is pleased to present its virtual retreat on the works of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. The aim of this retreat is to introduce The Rays collection authored by Said Nursi: a scholar of the 20th Century tafseer/commentary of the Qur’an emerging as an attempt to answer the challenges facing Islam in the modern period bridging understandings and the essentials of Islamic principles to core questions. The designated readings for this particular session are all from The Rays (Şualar) of the Risale-i Nur, the Epistles of Light.

This virtual retreat is brought to you by Sohbet Society in collaboration with the Centre for Risale & Hizmet Studies, US and the FKM Youth, US. Three of the speakers are from ISRA, Australia.


The objective of this virtual camp is to focus on reading selected texts from the Risale-i Nur collection and have short discussions on the fundamental topics in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere by experts who are grounded in their education heavily on Nursi’s tafseer collection the Risale-i Nur/ Epistles of Light.

2023 Winter Reading Camp 4 on “The Rays” by Said Nursi

🔸All are welcome, however, due to the rigor of the camp we encourage those in university and beyond to attend.

🔸The language of instruction will be in English, and all texts will be read from English translation.

🔸Each session will be read out loud by an English speaker and all students are expected to follow the text available on screen. Following this, a scholar of the Risale-i Nur will present the topic further and a Q&A will follow.



by Seniha İpekçi, Zainebou Mbaye, Ceyda Sablak, Tuleyb Sablak, Iysha Arun, and Sueda Polat.


by Prof. Dr. Thomas Michel, Kerim Balci, Prof. Dr. Adnan Aslan, Dr. Züleyha Mary Fikret, Dr. Albert Frolov, Prof. Dr. Ömer Atilla Ergi, Dr. Mehmet Özalp and Dr. Mahsheed Ansari

Retreat Program

14:00. 14:05. Iysha Arun & Zainabou Mbaye : Opening Remarks and Ground Rules
14:05. 14:15. Tuleyb Sablak: The Place of The Rays within the Epistles of Light
14:15. 14:30. Iysha Arun: Who is Bediuzzaman Said Nursi we meet in the Rays?
14:30. 15:30. Keynote Speech: Prof. Dr. Thomas Michel, The Supreme Sign in the Seventh Ray and the theology of creation
15:30. 16:00. Reading: Zainabou Mbaye - Sections from the Third Ray in the form of a Group Supplication
16:00. 17:00. Discussion: Kerim Balci, The Collective Personality and the status of being one and the same with the creation we attain during supplication: A discussion based on the 15th Ray.
17:00. 17:30. Reading: Seniha Ipekci - Seventh Ray: The First Part of the Ayat al-Kubra
17:30. 17:45. Discussion: Free discussion and reflection with participants on the reading
17:45. 18:15. Break
18:15. 18:45. Reading: Iysha Arun - Seventh Ray: The Second Part of the Ayat al-Kubra
18:45. 19:45. Discussion: Prof. Dr. Adnan Aslan – A Discussion on Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Perspective on Tawheed
19:45. 20:00 Break
20:00. 20:30. Reading: Tuleyb Sablak- Eleventh Ray: A Selective Reading from the Epistle of Fruit as a Summary of the Epistles of Light
20:30. 21:00. Discussion: Albert Frolov, Importance of The Fruits of Belief, the 11th Ray
21:00. 21:15. Break
21:15. 21:30. Poll: Ceyda Sablak – Word Cloud
21:30. 21:45. Reading: Ceyda Sablak - Fourth Ray First Part and Sixth Ray
21:45. 22:30. Discussion: Dr. Mahsheed Ansari, Tawakkul and the Tashahhud in the Mi’radj
22:30. 22:45. Break
22:45. 23:00. Reading: Sueda Polat- Ninth Ray on Resurrection
23:00 00:00 Discussion: Prof. Dr. Omer Atilla Ergi, Islamic Eschatology: Life after Death in Risale-i Nur/The Epistles of Light Collection
00:00 00:30 (23 January) Kahoot Challenge – Tuleyb Sablak
00:30 (23 January) Closing Remarks: Dr. Züleyha Mary Fikret

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